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Build and Create have been providing bespoke construction services for homes across south-east London, including Bexley for over a decade. Their close knit team of professionals are dedicated to providing only the best home transformations, that both add a value and quality of living. Whether you are seeking to add space, modernise or simply make your household dream become a reality, Build and Create are here to help.

Working with Us

At Build and Create, we put the client first. For this reason, we ensure that each and every project no matter the scale is quality-assured, project managed and planned in detail, following a proper consultation with you to be sure that we are creating your vision. Read on to discover the transformations that we can do in your Bexley home.


Refurbishments are a wonderful way to make big changes to your home, without extending or rebuilding. Without the need for planning permission, we can work closely with you to consider the space that you have, to unlock its true potential. With Build and Create, you can be sure that quality is at the heart of every bit of work that we do, and the strong relationships that we hold with brilliant architects, builders, designers and craftsmen mean the possibilities for bespoke, unique transformations are endless. Modernise, add value and fall back in love with your home, with a refurbishment that is personally created for you.


If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your home with modern features that will not only add value, but character and life, then we recommend that you start with your kitchen. Unfortunately, south-east London areas like Bexley have hundreds of households who’s kitchens are dated and lacking functionality. It is Build and Create’s passion to transform kitchens into a room that the whole family enjoys being in, with stylish yet efficient features that promise to match your aesthetic preferences.


Bathrooms are a space where you should be able to unwind, rejuvenate and relax after a long day. However, it is so often the case that poorly planned designs and outdated features are present in households make bathroom time stressful. Join the many happy households across Bexley and south-east London, and allow Build and Create to refurbish your bathroom with beautiful designs that promise the latest in energy saving technology, and a modern, easily maintainable aesthetic. Build and Create work with Italian, Spanish and German suppliers to ensure that clients get the best services their budget can provide, and work will always be carefully project managed down to the last detail to create perfection.

Loft Conversions

If you’re fortunate to have a loft in your home, you have the opportunity to increase your home’s worth by up to 20%. How? By investing in a loft conversion. Conversions with Build and Create are bespoke, unlike specialist loft companies, and we listen carefully to ascertain exactly what the client wants, before planning the perfect conversion. To assure quality, all conversions carried out are project managed, meaning that deadlines are sure to be met and clients can rest easy with the assurance of a punctual completion.


Extensions are the best way to add space to your home, both enhancing and expanding your living space so that you can have the home that your family needs and deserves. Not only can extensions improve quality of living, but they can also add value to your property, meaning you can rest easy that this work is an investment worth having. Once you’ve secured the planning permission, we will establish your exact needs and tastes so that the extension will act as a seamless expansion of your home, to ensure there are no disjointed, mismatched additions that don’t match the character of your space.
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