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We at Build and Create are proud to be the providers of construction excellence to all areas of south-east London, including Dulwich. For over a decade, our dedicated team have transformed households with bespoke designs, extensions, refurbishments and much, much more, and have built up fantastic relationships with some of the best suppliers, designers architects and crafts-people in the industry. No matter how big or tiny, we are here to make your household dreams become a reality, and what makes us stand out is how we work so closely with our customers.

We Care About our Clients

Founded and directed by Clinton Ham, a personal touch is at the heart of the services we provide, with the founder himself overseeing each project to ensure perfection is maintained. We are different to other construction companies, because of the relationship that we maintain with our clients.

Our projects are meticulously planned down to the last detail, after we have worked closely with you to ensure that we are executing your vision exactly.

We have a plethora of happy customers across Dulwich and south-east London, who worked with us to make their household dreams a reality – now it’s your turn!

To Extend or to Renovate, That is the Question!

As your family grows, it often feels as though your living space is shrinking by the minute. So, the question is, extension or renovation – which works better? Well, a lot can be said for a carefully planned renovation, and this is often a favourite because it means planning permission can be avoided. If you opted for this service, we will work closely with you to transform the interiors of your Dulwich home, through bespoke custom designs that are tailored to your home, to create more space and improve functionality. However, for a more extreme addition of space into your home, an extension would be one of your best options. Although you will need to get planning permission, the changes made to the rules in this area have made it far more simple for homes in London and Dulworth to extend. Once permission has been obtained, we will work to create a wonderful extension to transform your home, which we will provide punctually with only the most skilled workers and tools in the industry. If space is what you’re after, sometimes all you need to do is look up! Read on to find out more about if a loft conversion is the best option for you.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions provide the opportunity for you to add a spacious room to your home, rather than just the extra storage space that so many households use their loft for. Our team of specialists will work with you to provide a bespoke service that is far more personalised than the plans typically provided by loft conversion specialists throughout south-east London areas like Dulwich. At Build and Create, we actively listen to what you want from us, and we will plan out every single detail, working with specialist crafts-people to ensure that you end up with the perfect conversion.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Without a doubt, kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms in any household which require the best functionality – that is usability and practicality. However, we at Build and Create don’t think that these should come at the cost of aesthetic. We use the latest in designs and technology to ensure that renovations that we provide are maintainable, and help to reduce bills, all while helping the environment. Across areas of south-east London, including Dulwich, we have provided stunning transformations to these spaces, which matches our client’s design dreams exactly. Our German, Spanish and Italian designers ensure that all fittings we provide are on trend, and perfect for your home.
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